• Question 1

    如何將公司地址登記於成功大學? How to register the company address at NCKU?

    NCKU allows current faculty, students, and alumni who have graduated within five years to register their company address on campus when starting a business. This service is currently free, but the company must physically reside on campus and the registration period must coincide with the duration of their stay on campus. If the company moves out or graduates, they must also move their registered address off campus.

  • Question 2

    如何申請進駐國立成功大學產學創新總中心 | 新創加速中心? How to apply for incubation at NCKU Innovation Headquarters | Startup Accelerator ?


    NCKU Innovation Headquarters | Startup Accelerator provides incubation services for both on-campus startup teams and off-campus companies. The incubation services include:
    1.Assisting in various financing and fundraising activities
    2.Assisting in participating in international exhibitions to promote company services and products
    3.Recommending and assisting in applying for various types of programs and subsidies according to the company's needs
    4.Assisting in matching on-campus students for internships and connecting with related startup talents
    5.Matching with mentors both inside and outside the university.
    Please refer to the following webpage for application instructions: https://startup.ncku.edu.tw/page/acceleration_resource_application06